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Second call

You can’t join the church, you’re joined to the church by the work of the Spirit of God. There are no options to Christian community. When Jesus Christ calls us to Himself, he calls us to each other simultaneously.  –  Don Williams … Continue reading

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In spite of the cold

It’s 46 degrees outside right now. Here in southern California, you have to realize, anything under 50 is arctic. We are having a cold, wet winter. Actually, I should say we are having a winter. That’s rare. On my calendar, … Continue reading

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Hot or cold

“Oh ‘spew thee out of my mouth!’” Marti chose one of my favorite biblical phrases to write about yesterday. Growing up on King James English, at least where the Bible was concerned, this used to be one our favorite sayings … Continue reading

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Outside your comfort zone

[Marti weighs in with this one.] by Marti Fischer One of the more important messages for us today as believers can be found in the words of Jesus to the seven churches that take up the first few chapters of … Continue reading

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Super apology

Well everybody, after all is said and done with Super Bowl LIII, I think I would have rather had church.

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Losing my religion

With grace, you just have to learn to let a lot of things go — things you trusted in before that don’t matter anymore. Yesterday we talked about what was scary about grace, and we found out that there is … Continue reading

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What’s so scary about grace?

What’s so scary about grace? Plenty. First off, we don’t receive very well. It’s an affront to our pride. Like two men fighting over the bill, it’s all about pride. You lose that battle, you feel like you’re the little … Continue reading

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Why grace is so hard to believe

Let’s face it: grace is hard to believe. Why is that the case when it’s so easy to get? Well that’s actually one of the reasons right there. We are all taught that to get anything valuable, you have to … Continue reading

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