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Never stop learning

Los Angeles schoolteachers are on strike. They say it’s for the students, and hopefully it can be resolved soon, or it’s going to start to be bad for everybody. The strike prompted a violin teacher in Los Angeles to write … Continue reading

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Taking the high road

It is critical, especially in light of the ongoing culture wars (and they are ongoing; and appear to be worsening) how we behave as Christians in the world and in the marketplace of ideas, and right now, it’s my observation … Continue reading

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What does your worldview do for people in the world?

Worldview is not a battleground. It is not our worldview versus their worldview. Nor is it our goal to get everyone to have a Christian worldview. There is even some debate as to whether there is a right or a … Continue reading

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The fingerprint of God

I am fascinated by the graphic I used earlier this week of a map of the world superimposed inside a fingerprint. My first thought was of each person’s worldview with some things the same based on our shared beliefs and … Continue reading

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What is your worldview?

“Worldview is closely linked to the creation of culture,” said writer and journalist Terry Mattingly on our BlogTalkRadio show last night. “If you think of culture as hardware, in computer terms,” he went on to say, “worldview would be the … Continue reading

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Is your worldview ready for the world?

What is something that everyone has, but few recognize? What is something that doesn’t have to make us enemies, but often does? What is something that could be a bridge or a wall, depending on how you think about it? … Continue reading

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A seat at the counter

Go spend the day down at Johnny’s Cafe All kinds of people there with plenty to say If you’ve got nothin’ to say to folks at Johnny’s Cafe, You’ve got nothin’ to say at all.   Walk in any day … Continue reading

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Moralistic Therapeutic Deism and the rise of a new frontier

In a timely article in the New York Times by Rod Dreher entitled, “Trump Can’t Save American Christianity,” an effective argument is raised that American Christianity is actually not worth saving because it is not true Christianity. It’s not “historical” … Continue reading

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