Everybody’s wrong



There’s battle lines being drawn

Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong

                  – Stephen Stills

After I printed in a Catch earlier this week a couple lines from the Stephen Stills song “For What It’s Worth,” recorded in 1967 by Buffalo Springfield, my good friend, Paul Clark, returned an email with just the opening line of the second verse of that song: “Battle lines being drawn.” It reminded me of how one popular song can capture the imagination of a whole era. In this case, it was the protest movement and political unrest of the late ‘60s culminating in the civil rights and anti-war marches of mostly young people of my generation who wanted to effect a change in their culture. And not only that, it reminded me how a prophetic song such as this one can also speak to just about any generation.

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Why don’t more Christians ask questions?


It’s time we stop

Hey, what’s that sound?

Everyday look — what’s going down?

                    Stephen Stills

Yesterday I had a great session with Arnold. I had read him yesterday’s Catch about the cross, which he really liked, and then he asked, “Why don’t more Christians talk like this?” I think he was referring to the fact that I talk about biblical truth from the standpoint that I, myself, am struggling to understand it. I usually don’t have the final word on a subject; I’m in process, and I’m letting others in on the process and asking them questions to get them engaged.

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He did it all for love


Down the Via Dolorosa called the way of suffering

Like a lamb came the Messiah, Christ the king

But He chose to walk that road

Out of His love for you and me

Down the Via Dolorosa, all the way to Calvary

                     Words and music by Billy Sprague and Niles Borop


Blood. Pain. Sorrow. Death. What does it all mean? Why was it necessary? Can we fully understand it? Will we ever?

The cross of Christ is the central event in the Bible, and, indeed, in human history, yet much of it remains shrouded in mystery. Even those of us who have known about the cross all of our lives still find ourselves sometimes staring at the familiar images and wondering why. We know that sacrifice solves the problem of sin. Somebody has to pay. If it’s not the perpetrator, then it’s someone else liked a bull or a ram or a lamb or a goat. But why?

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Good dad. Bad dad. My dad. “Abba Dad.”


Good dad.

So you have not received a spirit that makes you fearful slaves. Instead, you received God’s Spirit when he adopted you as his own children. Now we call him, “Abba, Father.” Romans 8:15

In reading your comments on Father’s Day, I came up with the following conclusion about fathers and Father’s Day: There are good dads. There are bad dads. There is my dad. “Abba Dad.”

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Day after Father’s Day


Father’s Day turned out to be a travel day for us, but with some time with my daughter in Hawaii before leaving, well-wishes from Christopher and Elizabeth on my phone, and Chandler picking us up late at the airport, I got a chance to enjoy something from all of my kids. Father’s Day is a time to be appreciated regardless of the job you have done. As Marti always says, you only have one father and that makes him the best one in the world, because he’s yours. And last night, which was really early this morning, I received a final text message from Annie which read, “I wouldn’t be me without you.”

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Love in action


It was a bizarre idea. A wildly impulsive good deed. Something that doesn’t happen except for maybe once or twice in a lifetime. But in smaller ways, it could be emulated in a hundred different ways as long as it is some kind of action carried out on behalf of another.

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Perfect people and perfect places


Why isn’t my life perfect? Why don’t things turn out the way I want them to? Why, when I hear the simple truth of the word of God, can’t I do the thing it is asking me to do? Why isn’t my life easier? Why isn’t it easier to please God? Why is it so hard to change? Why do I keep falling in the same ruts? Why can’t I draw on the Holy Spirit when I need Him most? Why am I so comfortable with mediocrity? Why is it sometimes so hard to do what God is asking me to do?

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Pomp and Circumstance


Well, it’s a done deal. Chandler is officially graduated. By the skin of our teeth. He got to the location, throwing on his cap and gown less than 5 minutes before they called his name. Knowing how Chandler feels about pomp and circumstance, I was holding my breath the whole way.

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